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Rating Shane Warne and Sydney Barnes

As I mentioned in this post a good use of your compulsory CV - 19 lock down is to read  
It's a bit geeky, which I like, and Mr RedBallData has some interesting ideas on how to predict and select, cricket and cricketers, an area which I find fascinating, although I don't have the maths to do anything other than cheer on from the sidelines.
Something that really appealed to me was his list of the best bowlers of the last 50 years.  The approach used to compile the list was, rather than  look at average, to order the bowlers by their impact on the averages of the batsmen they played against (you can get a bowler's career broken down this way on cricinfos stats guru.).  So, for instance,  let's say we have a bowler who has only ever bowled to two batsmen, A&B.  A has a career average of 50 but our bowler gets him out for 25; B has a career average of 10, our guy though has a bowling average of 15 against him.  The reduction in average is (-25+5…