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ECB Accounts 2019

This is a post on the ECB's accounts for the year to January 2019.  My review of the 2018 accounts is here and of the 2017 accounts is here
The ECB had income of £172m in the period and costs of £168m, leaving it with a £4m surplus. The ECB had an accumulated surplus at 31 January 2019 of £10.5m.  This is a big reduction from the £70m of reserves held at January 2016 and is, to a large extent, caused by additional payments to the first class counties that, in my opinion, were made in exchange for the ECB assuming control of domestic cricket in the UK. 
So Is The ECB In "Difficulties"

There was an interesting piece by George Dobell in cricinfo suggesting the ECB was experiencing cash flow difficulties.  As regular readers will know I don't like the way the ECB runs English cricket and the idea of Colin Graves and Tom Harrison reaching down the back of the sofa for emergency funds is appealing.  But I don't really think it's true.  Although the ECB's reserv…